Monday, 6 August 2012

Dedicated Follower of Fashion - Fun Fashion Vocabulary Resources

Are Your Students Dedicated Followers of Fashion?

Fun activities for teenage learners including a song by the Kinks to develop their fashion vocabulary. These resources are very much focused on games, songs, blogs and practical activity.  

For more information go to TEFL Vocabulary Resources

Sunday, 5 August 2012

TEFL Teacher Training at Intesol International

TEFL Teacher Training

I have been thinking lately about young teachers entering the profession.  To be honest if you have good health and the funds to do your qualification abroad, I think it is an excellent idea to travel and study at the same time.  

You obviously need to want to teach and have the dedication and ability to learn from other teachers.  Teaching really is an example of a profession of lifelong learning. After 20 years in the profession I know that very well. I love it, I still do and if I can help anyone along the way I will.  

I am going to be providing links on teaching training providers.  My first review is of Intesol International.  They are a global TESOL training organisation, offering accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate qualifications. They offer a variety of levels to their qualifications depending on how much time you can give to study.  Prices vary according to the length of the course you choose.  Most importantly you are required to do teaching practice.  This could be your first step to a new adventure in teaching English abroad!

Teacher training providers in the future will be listed at TEFL Application and Resource Information Information

Links to BBC Videos - British Habitats

Highlands, Lowlands, Lakes - The Many and Varied Habitats of the UK

Following on from the earlier resource that pre-taught useful vocabulary for this topic on Habitats; here is the next part of the resource.  It develops audio, visual and reading skills and allows you to find out about the many and varied habitats that exist within the United Kingdom.

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V&A Museum Creative Writing Resources

Creative Writing Resource

The links below give useful guidance on how to get detailed observations of an object and generate ideas for creative writing.  Qualities such as colour, shape, texture and materials are looked at first.  Similies and metaphors are then defined and the student encouraged to move from a physical to an abstract view of an object.

There are two PDF resources to download:

Simplifying an Object

Looking Intensely at an Object

Images of objects are provided on each sheet.  Alternatively, students can find other images at

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Job Flashcards and Games

Simple Resources for Elementary to Pre - Intermediate TEFL Learners

Enjoy simple games of pelmanism, snap, charades and matching pairs with friends whilst becoming familiar with job vocabulary.

TEFL Vocabulary Page

How well are your country doing in the Olympic Games?

Follow Your Country

Find out about competitors; compare your countries performance to team GB; listen to audio and video clips relevant to your nation; read articles; check out latest records, key facts and medals and subscribe to the latest headlines at:-

Friday, 3 August 2012

TEFL Habitats of Great Britain Vocabulary Resource

Habitats of Great Britain -Vocabulary

Learn vocabulary associated with the environment at TEFL Vocabulary Resources

Resource to develop definitions of scientific vocabulary and phrases, synonyms, building words from the root, adding prefixes and suffixes. 

Further resources will follow to use the vocabulary you have learned.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Indigenous Culture and Mapping Resources

Reviving Our Culture, Mapping Our Future

by The ABN and The Gaia Foundation

The story behind a group of indigenous communities from around the world who met in South Africa two years ago. An awe inspiring video resource showing new methods (mapping and modelling) of communicating a message to the rest of the world. 
With a transcript for the teacher and practical ideas for activities in the classroom.

Olympic and Para Olympic TEFL Resource Books

British Council TEFL Olympic Visitor Book Resources

Writers - Mike Davies, Devo Forbes, Chris Speck, Mandy Loader, Suzanne Guerrero, Andy Baxter and Anthony Cosgrove

The British Council have produced two workbooks that you can be working through as the Olympic Games continue. They can be found at

You can either read the books online, search for content or download the handbooks to read later.

The books contain:-
  • situational language activities.  
  • an A-Z sports directory 
  • a description of each individual olympic sport 
  • a test with answers
  • an answer key for all questions

The Sheka Forest Listening Comprehension Resource

The Sheka Forest Story - Wisdom from the Past, Resilience for the Future

The Sheka Forest Story shows the power of collaboration.
The Sheka forest is one of Ethiopia's largest and last remaining tropical forests. Clan leaders, the local community and the local government have come together with the support of local partner, Melca Ethiopia, to help secure the future of the forest, its rich bio-cultural diversity and to enhance sustainable livelihood options.
The story tells an enchanting tale of the complexities of forest governance at a time when it has never been more critical.
"It takes everyone to protect a forest. It only takes a few to destroy it".
A film made with partner Melca Ethiopia. More about Melca Ethiopia here 

This resource is a video listening task. Components of the lesson are loaded on the TEFL Communicative Resources ready to go.  The teacher's key and student sheet can be downloaded and printed from that page.  

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Olympics - Ready, Steady, Go!

Great Olympic Resources for TEFL Students

TEFL Communicative Resources

Links to slide shows to allow you to explore facts; interactive bibliographies on individual athletes with video's, images, timelines etc; information on international teams etc

Slideshows - TEFL Grammar Resources

Four Present Tense Slide Shows 

Illustrating the form, function, meaning and uses of each tense.  The Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous can all be found on the TEFL Grammar Resources of this blog page.