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Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Spelling Game for Halloween


A spelling game for a bit of fun.  

How quickly can you identify the incorrectly spelt word from the pair!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Daughter, The Fox

My Daughter, The Fox

Submitted to Learn English, British Council by RachelRo
Suitable for Upper Intermediate/Advanced Students

How Does Your Culture Present Foxes in Stories?

A resource is based on a short story by Jackie Kay about a woman who gives birth to a baby that is a fox.  A beautiful little story with many wonderful activities to do with it. A great literary resource!

  • Listen to an audio file and read the story from a PDF file simultaneously.
  • Pre-reading activities include identifying who the pronouns (personal and possessive) in a piece of text are referring to and differentiating expressions that apply to young animals and babies.
  • Whilst reading there are question prompts to help you predict and anticipate the next part of the text.
  • After reading there are opportunities to:
    • summarise the story by reordering sentences, 
    • find evidence to support inferences from the text, 
    • compose your own sentences using designated vocabulary , 
    • match nouns and adjectives to form noun phrases, 
    • insert prepositions into a gap fill text, 
    • develop verbs and prepositions into phrasal verbs, 
  • Opportunities for creative writing and project work including reflecting on 'special children'. 
  • Further language work on animal metaphors, animal sounds and using idioms and idiomatic phrases. 
  • Finally, dictionary work explores the names for male and female animals and their connotations in terms of human behaviour (personification). 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012



Click on the title link  above and download the above mobile learning application from the British Council.

An Invaluable Tool in Improving Vocabulary Knowledge

  • Learn, practise and quickly review your English vocabulary knowledge daily.
  • Use MyWordBook 2 every day to build your vocabulary and improve your English. Add new words as you meet them so you never forget them
  • Create your own flashcards and add images, sounds, notes and translations.