Sunday, 9 September 2012

Literature is Great - Part 1

Literature is Great - Part 1

Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and 
William Wordsworth. 

Try to match these famous British writers to their photographs:

The Learn English, British Council video resource attached to this blog post  is mainly about William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.  Other writers that are also noted such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Hardy and William Wordsworth.  Do you know any of their plays, novels or poems? 

Watch the video and find out where the writers came from in the UK. Richard, the presenter also visits two other places in this video: the Globe Theatre and the Charles Dickens Museum. 

Grammatical and communicative exercises follow developing your comprehension and understanding skills, sentence composition skills and finally grammatical skills using modal verbs (must, might, can) with the present tense or the present perfect tense.  As always there is also the opportunity to contribute your thoughts to the discussion forum at the bottom of the page. 

NB The latter grammatical exercise is more suitable for a higher level of TEFL student.